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Game Description

This is a game about soup.  If you like soup, this is the game for you. Oh and cute/handsome/sexy/deviously good-looking fantasy customers if you're into that sort of thing. 

My producer tells me I have to write an actual description so; 
Heart to Hearth is a soup-based dating sim where your hand-crafted soups are the key to your customers’ hearts.

This is a demo/proof of concept we made to gain experience. We appreciate that you’re giving it a look-see~


Cecilia is a former adventurer, current tavern owner/soup connoisseur. She’s been to the corners of the world, done a lot of quests, and gotten her fair share of recipes along the way. Join her on her restaurant, The Sleepy Sheep's grand reopening as she puts her new soup know-how to the test!

" The gentle glow of the fireplace, the warmth of the bowl of food against your hands, and the pleasure of stuffing your face full of delicious food after a long adventure; there aren't a lot of experiences in this world that can compare. "

" You can always count on the Sleepy Sheep for all your soupy soup needs. "


  • Cookbook-reading action!
    Pore over Cecilia’s recipe book and find the food item that you think will best sate your customer’s appetite!
  • Or go wild!
    Do your own thing! Soups are your canvas, and you’re the artist.
  • Multiple visual novel paths
    Based on customer satisfaction, you might be able to serve and swerve your way into interesting tavern talks! Or not! Good luck!
  • Pulitzer Prize Worthy Dialog
    Our writing is overflowing with charm. Probably. We know you can’t disprove it. This bullet point has been sponsored by the No Thoughts Gaming Writer Gang.
  • Heartwarming art style
    Actual soup can warm the body and heal the soul. You can’t taste a game, but we can do the next best thing.
  • Playable in French and English 
    Thanks to our lovely translators; Orlane and his team, you can now switch between English and French in the main menu!

About Us

Hey Everyone, thanks for playing our first game! We're No Thoughts Gaming and we're a group of friends who are passionate (and in this case, soup-obsessed) video game enjoyers. We’re making video games in our spare time to further gain those sweet game development exp points. We hope you look forward to our future projects!


Producer and Writer
Phuc Nguyen ( portfolio )

David Nguyen ( portfolio
Bryant Chau ( gmail )

Emmanuel Butor ( github
Kaizena Ma ( portfolio )

Holly Cheng ( twitter )
Cindy Hoang ( art station )

Music & Sound Designer
Levina Umali ( portfolio )

Install instructions

Ya download it.

Ya open it.

Ya play it!

Make soup~


Heart to Hearth Ver. 1.1 45 MB
Heart to Hearth Ver. 1.0 Mac.gz 49 MB

Development log


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Thank you for making this game! The dialogue was a bit too long for my personal taste but I did relate to Cecilia in a lot of ways and the art was so beautiful. Good luck developing the whole game, I'll be on the lookout for it :) Here is my gameplay! 

ong a filipino dish is in here!!


Hi, cute game! Was wondering if you could add a settings option for a windowed screen, instead of just full screen? Thanks c:

This is so cute!!! I can't wait to see more!


Such a cute concept for a game! I love the gameplay of making soup and chatting with customers. I can see so much potential for growth with more soup options, characters, dialogue, and more! I wanted it to be longer, so I'm really hoping for a full release!

I just realized "dude flaming" is Guy Fieri and its hilarious XD

fun game too :)


I really enjoy your game. I love the design of the characters and how sociable the MC is. Fleur is the coolest little bean too. I was wondering if there's a plan on releasing the full game. I'm very interested in the premise of almost bar-like therapy but with soup.


Hi! Thanks for checking out our game and glad you enjoyed it! Celicia is a bit talkative and nosey but she has a certain charm to her doesn't she? Fleur is indeed a cool little bean. That's a fantastic elevator pitch for the game and we wished we thought of that ahaha. 

Currently, the team does not have any future plans to work on a full game, unfortunately. It's something we want to come back to eventually, but not anytime soon :( We did discuss the potential of more Fleur content, but no promises for now. 

Once again thanks for playing!

So fun !! heartwarming and just calming :)

So sweet! I'm glad our game brought you some joy! Thanks for checking out for game~

This was super fun to play! I haven't gotten all the endings yet, but I loved the character design and the interactions with Fleur!


Awesome to hear that! Fleur is quite charming in their own special way wouldn't you say. Hope that you got the good ending and got to see more of their soft side~ =v= 

Thanks for playing!

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OMG I played this while I was in class and had free ti me it's so good and I really enjoyed the cute art and great writing can not wait for the full game!

Thanks for checking out our game and glad you enjoyed it! We'll just overlook that you're procrastinating in class >:)c



great demo it's peaceful and art is cute :)

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Thanks for checking out our game and for the kind words :3


Stumbled across this while messing with the site's tags.  I wish I found this sooner because this is an adorable game!  Neat balance of restaurant management sim and a branching... not quite otome but definitely a more social-oriented visual novel, incredible artwork especially the food it looks so good but damn the character art is great.  Story's cute, the characters feel alive, and I'm looking forward to the full version.  Good luck!

Hi! Thank you for the in-depth review of our game! Glad you managed to stumble upon our little demo =v= better late than never! It's great to see another person appreciate the hard work our artists put in to bring the game to life. 

Thanks for checking out our demo!


I LOVE THIS GAME I played it on vc with my friends and i got all of them hooked on it! the art, the story, the vibes all amazing this is the cutest games i played in a while 100000/10 


Wow! That's a pho-nomenal high score O.O Happy that your group enjoyed it so much! Thanks for checking out our game and hope you have a good day~

High five for ya =v=/


I was incredibly sad when I saw this was a demo, then played through the other ending just to get more of this game. Long story short I love this game. I will pay good money for a full game. The ability to create off menu items is refreshing, as many other cooking games do not accept the fact that improvising is a thing sometimes. I absolutely adore this demo and the characters so far, can't wait for the full game when it gets released.

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Hi! Happy to hear you enjoyed the game enough to play through all the endings. Hopefully, you saw in the other comments how to skip through the dialogue.

Creating off menu items was an area we wanted to expand on and I agree that other cooking games should allow you to improvise new recipes. There were plans for way more hidden foods not in the menu but workload did not allow for it sadly :< 

Thank you so much for the support and for checking out our game~


Hi! I've played this on Stream and I really loved it!

This demo was so short but so wholesome! I loved Fleur and Cecilia, both have really really cute personalities! I also like the little "tutorial" like day where you learned how to make soups (some people forget it in their games and then u r just sitting there like "The heck am I supposed to do now?") 

I am excited to see how the whole game will turn out and I will definitely play the full game when it's out!
Good Job! Keep on the good work!




Hi Back!  It was very fun writing both Fleur and Cecilia~ From my constant use of squiggles, you can tell I had a bigger part in writing Cecilia hahaha. Can't wait until we can introduce new characters for everyone to love. :3

The team really appreciates your kind words and for your support ;^; 

Thanks for checking out our game~


This was super cute! I am living in a cold country right now and it's the middle of the winter so this lovely game with the warm soups warmed my soul! As another player mentioned my only problem was that I didn't know that you could skip the dialogue - other than that I wouldn't change a thing! Really looking forward to playing the full thing! ^_^

Heya! Having a warm bowl of soup during a cold day has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. Then again, soup is always amazing anytime =v= Hope you're also keeping warm during this chilly time~

Thanks for the feedback! It's definitely obvious the game does not clearly tell the player how to skip dialogue and it's something we're addressing~ 

Thanks for being a soup-er fan and supporting us!


I love this! Hope to see a full version in the future, would love to support!


Thank you for your support! We also hope a full version will come sooner than later =v=


The demo was surprisingly short, but I'm in love with the artwork and how the dialogue changes with each soup! It's not a simple pass/fail, but it branches out to many conversations. Very fun!

My one complaint is that I wish there was a way to click through text or skip them? The intro is always the same so getting to the "meat" of the story can take a bit long (no pun intended haha).

It's absolutely lovely so far and I hope it gets more attention! <3

Make as many puns as you want, we're a group of puny people ;) You can press left control to skip any dialogue you've seen before! It's a built-in function in the game, but we did not make it as clear or prominent as it should be so that is definitely an area for improvement. Thanks for the feedback. 

Thank you so much for checking out our demo and such thoughtful words ;^; Glad you enjoyed it so much and explored all the other endings. 


as a filipino, i was so happy when i saw ginataang bilo bilo in the options! what a lovely game <33

Yay! Glad you liked it! We're big fans of sweet/dessert soups so of course, we had to have at least one version in the game. We tried to have a big collection of soups from different cultures and had a ton more ideas but sadly couldn't fit them in. 

Thanks for checking out the game!


This game had a lot of charm to it, we weren't sure what to expect going in but the story and dialogue were very heartwarming. Had a fun time checking it out :)
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Another soup-er fan! Awwwwww yeah~ Thank you so much for checking out the game and we're glad you liked it! 

Loved the video btw! Definitely dropped a like and subscribe O.Ob. Personally loved the commentary and the voice acting. It was fun that you guys had so much fun with it :3 It's a welcome surprise that everyone seems to like Mr. Chair way more than we imagined ahaha. 


Hello! From what I see, a lot of the team are Vietnamese? If it's correct, can we add your game in a collection of Vietnamese games? Thank you so much and hope to hear from you guys soon!


Heya! You're correct in your observation. The majority of our team is Vietnamese and you can definitely add our game to the collection! Thanks for checking out our game and noticing~


Why is your Mac build labeled as being for Linux?

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Hi~ Great catch on your part. Our programmer said it was a mistake on his part and he mislabeled it. It should be fixed soon. Thanks for letting us know!


dang, i didnt realize it was a demo.  ngl, that makes me sad but ill wait for the full game ಥ_ಥ❤

Awww~ We're glad you liked the game so much ;^; We're also hoping we can return to work on this game in the near future. I hope you'll still be around then!

Thanks for checking out the demo!

Hi! Would you be interested in a Spanish translation for this game? If  you are, please contact me!


Apologizes for the late reply.

Sadly we are not currently looking for translators, but thank you so much for your interest and offer. 


This was quite wholesome,cant wait for full game!

And that was a quite wholesome comment =v= 

Thank you for your kind words and for playing our game!

hope it has more races though!


this is everything i have ever wanted in a game! the art is amazing! the character dialogue is amazing! everything about the game is so comforting! one question , is making fan art allowed? the characters are just so cute and look super fun to draw! adding this to my favorites for sure!! :)


It's heartwarming to hear such compliments! Thank you so much ;^; And yes! you are more than welcome to draw fan art. We're glad you love the characters that much~ (producer here) I enjoy Fleur's design and the use of gold accents and accessories, but nothing beat's Cecilia's comfy apron and cute sheep designs. I definitely don't have a favorite btw :p

Thank you so much for your compliments and for playing the game~


im in love oh my god this is the sweetest game i want soup and to run a lil soup shop  and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa send help i love this so much 🥺💕


Awww yeah~ Another soup enjoyer! Don't worry, Cecilia is an experienced adventurer and soup maker; she will come to your rescue anytime! It's great you love the game so much ;^; Hopefully we can bring more soup content in the future. 

Thx for souping it up with us~


that was absolutely adroable! I loved the character designs, and the dialouge was so nice, to have such a blunt chatterbox character where it went well :D ! ahh~ so nice
I had a lot of fun making voices for the charcaters too while i was playing (´◡`✿)

Awwwwww it's nice to hear you had such a fun time with our game! :3 Celilia is quite the chatterbox and it's hard to get her to stop sometimes. And Fleur can talk a surprising amount if you can get her to open up~ Having different team members read the script and do their own voice for the characters was also something we liked doing!

Thank you for playing the game~


Made a video


It's about time Mr. Chair got the recognition he deserves. And Fleur thought she was so sneaky by trying to leave without paying. Glad you two caught that~ ahahaha. The extra commentary was hilarious and made for a fun playthrough. 

Even though we're a soup restaurant, I hope you're ready to be served some subs and likes. :P

On behalf of Mr. Chair and the team,  Thank you for playing our game! 


Man this was a soup-er game! I can't wait till this brew-tly, cute and fun game is a full game and not a demo- I legit cried when it ended- because I loved the deer and I want to be with her- I am so gay

Glad you enjoyed the game and Fleur so much! ahaha. It warms our hearts and bowls to hear someone so passionate about our game. We also hope to eventually develop a full release and give the world the Fleur content it deserved.

Thank you so much for checking out the game. <3


You're welcome!! I love it so much!! Like the art style is so pretty and magical in a way!!! And I love how we can make different dishes!!! And about fluer, I thought that she was a leader of a dear group or smt- But I was proven wrong!! Though she still is gonna be my favorite character of all times!!! She is souperly-perfect!!! Quick question- Are ya'll hiring (for free) script writers? I tend to write books outside of school as a hobby!! Sometimes during school- It's just a little hobby of mine and I would love to work for you!! If you're hiring middle school script writers-

(1 edit)

Hi Luca! First I (producer) personally want to apologize for replying this late. I did not notice your message. 

I love your enthusiasm and passion so much. I showed the team your message and it was a great morale boost to see such sweet words and love for our game. Thank you so much. :3

Currently, we are not looking for writers, but I appreciate your interest. Don't let that stop you though, continue to write! Feel free to build off our world or use our game as a springboard to create your own beautiful world! 

If you have a way to safely (very important) share your writings with us, I would love to read some of it! 

Also, if you want, give me a way to contact you, (like an email) and I'll keep it in mind when we begin future projects. Sadly Itch.io does not have direct messaging so you would have to respond in this comment chain. Please make sure the mode of contact is a business email/parent email/ do not tie into your personal life/etc, because this is a public domain and I do not want any random/creep to bother you. 

Once again I want to apologize for such a late reply and thank you for your heartfelt comments. I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future! =v=


I am also sorry for late reply, My computer charger was broken and I needed to get a new one, But once I saw this message, I squealed a lot!! Because everyone did such an amazing job on this game and it made me happy, I am not even disappointed to know that you don't need a writer, Because I still need to get better at writing! I notice small errors when I reread and I hate that. So before I become a personal writing, I need work on my writing skills! Also my business email is @lemonlimewriter@gmail.com, I know it is super long and may seem personal, But I have a TON of personal accounts, So no need to worry! But I did make this one a business account for comfy reasons! I hope I can someday make the team! I wish you very good day, Ta ta!


Hello No Thoughts Gaming,

My name is Orlane, I'm a French student in a Masters of Translation. I'm not sure this is the best way to contact you about that, but a few other translator students and I would be interested in translating your soup-er cute game in French as part of our training (i.e. for free). If that sounds exciting to you, I'd be glad to talk about it more in private.


(2 edits)

Hey Orlane! That is an incredibly nice offer and we would be stew-pid to pass it up. Sadly Itch.io does not have a private message function so I quickly whipped up a discord. I'll include the link and we can talk more in detail about it there. 

If discord does not work for you guys, let us know how you want to communicate. (ie, email, twitter, facebook, etc.)

And of course, thank you for taking interest in our game!

make a mac version plsssss

Luckily for you, we do have a Mac version! It should be the second download option. Hope this helps~


I had to leave a comment because I was blown away by the game. The art was FANTASTIC! I love it so much, I did not expect the gameplay to be so fluent. Now this is my opinion so don't throw rotten tomatoes at me, while I was playing I was getting a bit frustrated with the dialogues and wish there was a button that makes the text faster. Again this is my opinion so don't throw me out of the window, but overall the music, the art that looks so appetizing, the aesthetic it gives me, the fluency of the game, it's amazing. I'm highly anticipating for the full game to be out right now.

(1 edit)

No worries! Cecilia is a smart and resourceful cook so there is no chance there are any rotten tomatoes laying around. :P We originally wanted to add in a dialogue speed option, but didn't have the time for it. If you mean skipping dialogue you've already seen, you can press left control~

Currently, we're not planning to continue development of Heart to Hearth in the near future, but it's a big goal for us to eventually turn it into a full game once the team gains more experience. We hope you'll still be as excited and passionate then! 

Thank you so much for your feedback and love for the game! The team really appreciates it~


The soups are souperbly delicious! Playing it the second time and having a more detailed biography of both characters really made me feel warm inside. Thank you for warming up my night with hearty soups :) Here's one silly ending for all to explore, Enjoy!


Are you pho-real? Looks like we got ourselves a soup-er fan! ahaha. Thank you so much for checking out our little game! We're glad you liked the character writing and the soup drawings ( Producer here; the soup drawings are still my favorite part). It would be stew-pid of us to not drop a like on this video. Ty again!


most grateful (^_^)

(1 edit) (+3)

can you play the game without dating anyone? I just like soup... I thought it was just a soup game because of the description preview. I'm sure it's a great game and all but I'm not interested in romancing anyone. I may just play for the soup and comment again with my findings afterwards... that sounds like the reasonable course of action. 

Edit: I made the soup wrong. The deer person seemed upset. The soup was pretty though.

Thanks for playing the game! You can definitely play for just the well-drawn soups~ One of the original goals of the game is that romance is not required and you can just build friendships with your customers. This is sort of shown through Fleur's neutral route where you two build a connection and develop a friendship. We would love to flush out the friendship system more in the future with other customers, but sadly time and manpower do not currently allow it. We hope you still enjoyed your experience~


this is the game that finally pushed me into making an itch.io account, because i absolutely had to leave a comment. this game is visually stunning and the sample of gameplay provided shows a lot of promise and a lot of fun. i love food and i love to cook, and playing with different recipes to see what beautiful art i could cook up was very engaging. im looking forward to seeing more, and im already falling for fleur with only fifteen minutes of gameplay, haha. good luck with future development!

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. ;^; It means a lot to the team to see our hard work being so well received! I agree (producer here~) that the whole team did an amazing job bringing Fluer to life. She was definitely an interesting character to write and it certainly would be fun to see more of her in the future. As a fellow foodie, I also think the food is very hunger-inducing ~ Thanks for checking out our game!


this was truly an amazing experience and i cant wait for the full game to come out!!!the whole team did an amazing job congrats to all of you and soup is and always will be an elite food 😁

Awesome to hear that! Strongly agree that soup is an S tier food. We also hope to find the time and resources to make this into a full game. The world always need more soup. And more smexy characters of course. 


I like soup, I think I'll play this. Do you know how long it is with all the endings? (Also I love this font, it's so fancy)

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Glad to see another soup enjoyer O.Ob Each ending should take about 10-15 minutes for the first playthrough! Pro tip; you can press left control to skip any dialogue you've already seen~ Thx for playing our game btw!

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